Crystal Healing Properties



A stone of inner stability, protection, security, and self confidence. Improves concentration. Good when used with all chakras to stabilize the Aura.


A stone of courage and truth. It protects from electromagnetic pollution, Known as a Good Luck stone. Chakra healing of the throat and heart. 


A stone of creativity. Known as an " all healing" stone. Calms and soothes and provides balance. Chakra healing of the third eye, crown.


Helps to overcome fear of speaking, promotes clarity, compassion and tolerance. A good protection stone for travel. Throat chakra and heart chakra healing. 


Stone of Opportunity that is good for soothing the temper. It is knows for heart healing both physical and emotional. Love stone. Heart Chakra energy healing. 


Creativity and prosperity. A stone of inner harmony and confidence. Known to help with nutrient absorption. Sacral chakra healing. 



Communication, knowledge and wisdom. This stone is good for musicians. It reduces anxiety and depression. Chakra healing for the throat(voice) and heart(inner calm).


Stone of abundance and manifestation. Encourages love and happiness. Protection stone. Chakra healing solar plexus-personal power.


Clears negativity. This stone inspires new ideas and aligns the heart with the mind. Focus stone and protection for travels. Heart chakra healing stone. 


The dream stone for crystals healing. It brings peace and serenity, blessings and good luck. This stone is a friendship stone.  Crystal healing properties of the heart chakra.


"Supreme Nurturer'' stone. A sacred and very powerful protecter. It brings comfort and security and is grounding. Strength for healers. Chakra healing of the Root.


Most powerful protection stone. Increases intuition and clairvoyance. A great stone for communication and healing. Chakra healing of the third eye, throat and crown.



The travelers stone. Love, passion and prophesy. Helps balance the natural rhythms of life. Encourages self expression and wisdom. Crown chakra and heart chakra healing. 


Transformation, amplification, meditation, focus, expansion of consciousness, love, property and healing. This stone is great for all healing and works on the Crown chakra and the Aura.


Compassion stone for healing of the inner child and heart. Encourages creativity and love and is a cheerful stone. Increases telepathy. Heart chakra healing energy.

Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love. A nurturing stone to bring calm, and tenderness. Romance and sexuality increase. Empathy and acceptance of change. Chakra healing of the heart. 


Stone of Angel Wings. Cleanses the Aura and brings about a sense of well being. A nurturing and loving stone to embody the divine famine. Chakra healing of the heart.

Smoky Quartz

Powerful grounding stone. Relieves stress and negative thinking. Cleanses negative energy. Brings balance of the whole system. Powerful healing. Root chakra healing. 



A stone of freedom, love and awareness. It brings creativity and confidence while releasing the past to move forward in joy. An inspiring stone for chakra healing of the crown, heart and root.


A stone of vitality and prosperity. Helps bring about opportunity. A stone of strength and healing. Sacral Chakra healing for blessings.

Tiger's Eye

A good luck and good fortune stone. Brings about creativity, support, abundance. Strong protection from negativity. Emotional stability and overcoming fears. Root chakra and Sacral.


A powerful grounding stone. Good for use in meditation and healing. Increases strength and soothes anxiety. Use against emotional vampires. Root chakra healing. 


A stone of friendship and security. Brings about happiness and good fortune. Good protection stone. Helps with the throat chakra healing and releasing old wounds. 

GROUNDING STONES: Hematite, Wood, Lava Rock

Grounding stones to help to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry.  Very protective stones. The lave stones are a good stone for essential oil usage .Root Chakra healing,