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    Terry Sheehan

    Past Life Regression and Hypnosis Sessions

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    Past Life Regression

    Turn the pages of time back to your past lives and learn about your karmic connections and lessons. 


    Terry Sheehan Hypnotherapist

    Terry Sheehan is a past life therapist who helps people find metaphysical solutions to their personal problems. 

    Terry has trained under Richard Sutphen from Los Angeles and has trained with William Baldwin in entity releasement therapy.

    Terry is a past member of:

    APRT the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies

    ASRT the Association for Spirit Releasement Therapies 

    Experience past lives and investigate ancient times you have lived. 

    Replace your negative subconscious with positive reprogramming. 

Understand why you have problems with certain relationships.


    Experience Past Lives

    Investigate Your Childhood

    Erase Bad Karma


    Lose Weight

    Stop Smoking

    Release Fears and Phobias

    Improve Memory

    Reduce Stress

    Help with Allergies


    Release Earth Bound Spirits and Attachments

    Help Friends and Family Cross Over


    Control Labor Pain

    Reduce Postpartum Depressio

    Past Life Regression

    Past Life Therapy is a way to discover your purpose in life and understand the karmic lessons you have come into this life to learn. Find out who from a previous life is back with you in this lifetime and why. Overcome fears and phobias. Improve your memory. Help reduce stress. Terry is available to work via Skype or FaceTime. Terry is available for seminars and works with Individuals as well as groups. Contact Terry to schedule your appointment today.