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“My reiki experience with Lori was profound. Her compassion and care is amazing. I was completely at peace and relaxed as Lori pin pointed areas of my body that had energy that was stuck. As the session moved on I could literally feel the stuck energy move and restoring my prana. At the end of our session I felt lighter and brighter! She is a true healer and I'm grateful for the experience.”-ChristiI 

 I experienced the healing energy of Lori after a very stressful weekend during a difficult family crisis. She just happened to be at a mutual friends home when I received a disturbing phone call involving my young son with autism & his school. I had worked myself up into a full blown panic/anxiety attack within the 5 min phone call & started to have trouble breathing normally due to stress & issue at hand. I was literally in tears & shaking.Lori calmly asked me to lay down & immediately started working on me. Within ten minutes my breathing became normal and I felt a warmth & calmness wash over me. I knew that somehow everything was going to be alright. She hardly spoke a word, but her touch spoke volumes. This woman is a true healer in every sense of the word. I would highly recommend her reiki services for anyone that needs any type of healing, be it physical or emotional.I plan to have her work on my son with autism next and feel extreme gratitude for her willingness to share her gift with me that afternoon. -Tia Fitzgerald 

 “I had never experienced Reiki before and thought I would give it a try.  I was curious most of all and had complete trust in Lori.  Her easy-going nature put me at ease and I was able to relax and enjoy the experience.   She is very intuitive, sincerely interested in  helping people, and incredibly talented.  What was most amazing is that as Lori moved near my feet she asked me if I had had problems with my left foot that needed her attention.  I was FLOORED!  I had injured my left foot running and had stopped running for several weeks, but I had never communicated any of this to Lori.  My foot is feeling better, and I am back running.  I would highly recommend Lori and already have!”-Carol 

When I first thought of the idea of reiki, I was a bit skeptical and I wondered just how this method of healing and balance could help me. I figured that I was only dealing with pains due to athletic injuries and from my recent work outs, but I was suprisingly mistaken. After my reiki session I felt an immediate difference physically. Lori, stated that there were some other areas for which I had blockage and could be the cause of other pains. She gave me some tips on ways to work on them and I could feel a great difference over time. I would recommend this healing to anyone, not just people dealing with pains. It's a very direct way to better understand the root of pain, discomfort, or stress. Thank you Lori!!-Romante Archer (Co-founder, Strong Roses Foundation)Circle Life MediaHi 

 Lori!Wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for not only introducing me to Reiki but making my first experience one that was comfortable and supportive as well as healing. Not knowing what to expect, you explained the energy flow and then as you used your energy, you were able to identify blockages and give me insight into how I can go further to help myself shift my energy. As I used your insight in the following days I experienced even further healing.Thank you so much for introducing me to Reiki, you truly have a gift of energy and insight that will be so helpful to so many people.Sarah ; )

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